Negotiating Journalism

Editor: Elsebeth Frey, Mofizur Rhaman, Hamida El Bour Publisher: Nordicom Published: 2017-10 Pages: 174 ISBN: 978-91-87957-67-3 Language: English Type: Printed, PDF Series: Research Antologies

Core values and Cultural Diversities


We need freedom of speech most when someone expresses offensive statements. Also, we need press freedom when news stories conflict the way authorities or powerful people and organizations look at the world. These freedoms are corner stones of journalism. When respected, journalism may contribute to a free flow of transparent and pluralistic information for citizens to be well informed.

Yet, journalism’s values and working methods, as well as journalists themselves, are challenged, pressured and threatened. This research anthology examines journalistic core values and how they are perceived and renegotiated in Bangladesh, Norway and Tunisia – and one chapter includes Colombia. In exploring views on journalism’s values and press freedom transnationally, the comparative chapters (Part II) discuss and reflect on what journalism is.

Finally, the case studies that close the book (Part III) offer empirical examples of journalism’s role in transitional periods and at times of ideological conflicts: When the right to religion collides with press freedom and freedom of expression, and when bloggers are killed for speaking out, journalism is on the line. This book contributes to local and global discussions on journalism and its core values in cultural diversities.

‘Journalism is under intensified threat. Some threats originate in economics, many others in politics and social life. This is why attention to the questions discussed in this anthology is valuable. If we are going to preserve journalism as a universal beacon, and indeed strengthen it going forward, the more knowledge we have about diversities in practice, the better our strategies can be.’
Guy Berger

Book launch: Shared Horizon