The Assault on Journalism

 Building Knowledge to Protect Freedom of Expression

Editor:  Ulla Carlsson, Reeta Pöyhtäri Publisher:  Nordicom Published:  2017-04 Pages:  378 ISBN:  978-91-87957-50-5 Language:  English Type:  Printed, PDF Series:  Research Antologies 280,00 kr 30,00 EUR

People who exercise their right to freedom of expression through journalism are constant targets of violence and threats. In an era of globalization and digitization, no single party can carry the responsibility for protection of journalism ad freedom of expression alone. Instead, this responsibility must be assumed jointly by the state, the courts, media companies and journalist organizations, as well as by NGOs and civil society – on national as well as global levels.

To support joint efforts to protect journalism, there is a growing need for research- based knowledge. Acknowledging this need, the aim of this publication is to highlight and fuel journalist safety as a field of research, to encourage worldwide participation, as well as to inspire further dialogues and new research initiatives.

This publication is the result of collaboration between the UNESCO Chair at the University of Gothenburg, UNESCO, IAMCR and a range of other partners, among them contributors from our group MEKK, with the following chapters:

Rune Ottosen (together with Berit von der Lippe) : Gendering War and Peace Journalism. New challenges for media researchElisabeth Eide: A Country without Mercy. Afghan journalists caught in crossfires and Roy Krøvel: Violence against Indigenous Journalists in Colombia and Latin America