Refugees with a mobilephone -a precious companion

ISBN: 9788253039688
Utgitt år: 2017
Innbinding: Innbundet

“Refugees with a mobilephone” presents refugee stories, based on interviews with eighteen newly arrived refugees to Norway.

They are from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Syria, and the road to Norway has not been easy for any of them.

An increasingly important travel companion for people on the move is the mobile phone. It is a friend who provides many kinds of services during long and dangerous travels from war and persecution. The cellular telephone forms the core, woven into the larger stories from the eighteen interviewees, showing how significant modern technology can be in precarious situations, where people are accustomed to smugglers, police, border guards and changing weather conditions. The stories  also include more general information about escape, the existence of “nobody’s land” between absolute insecurity and relative security. Two of the authors return to their own flight about ten years ago when technology played a somewhat smaller role, but the situations that arose were at least as harsh.

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Professor Elisabeth Eide has collaborated with Ismaeli Afshin and Senatorzade Amin on this book.