The LiveCol project

Revolutionizing Design Collaboration with Real-Time 3D Data Sharing for Enhanced Efficiency and Systemic Change

The LiveCol project will develop and validate new methods and tools to enable design and construction teams to collaborate through real-time 3D data sharing and communication in virtual 3D environments.  The aim is to move from differentiated and periodically coordinated design towards parallel, open, and up-to-date design information management, supported by 3D tools and associated communication services.  The objective is a systemic change of approach, with the help of technology, from the production of design documents to real-time collaborative design.  The progressive and controlled sharing of 3D design and requirements information in real time provides a better situational awareness of design progress and supports the correct timing of activities and process management, as well as reducing lead times.

TimelineTotal fundingTotal budget for research activities
1.10.2023-30.9.20251.8 mil €880 000 €


  • VTT (project coordinator)
  • TAU (Tampere University, coordinator of academic collaboration)
  • University of Reading
  • KTH
  • TUDelf

Industry partners

  • Trimble Corporation
  • AFRY
  • Cravicon
  • Senaatti Properties