Project title: Advanced Materials and Technologies for Sustainable and Resilient Structures: Global Solutions through Adaptable Educational Modules

Project summary

  • Establishing a long-life cooperation between OsloMet and ISU
  • Implementing multi-year student/staff exchange
  • Creating educational modules with an open course model
  • Involving relevant industry leaders from Norway and USA

These goals are linked to the common research interest of connecting a fundamental understanding of advanced building and construction materials to the practical considerations essential for the design of high-performance buildings and bridges that meet the sustainability and resiliency goals.

Project activities

  • Forming an international industry advisory panel
  • Developing joint physical and online courses for Master and PhD students
  • Master and PhD students exchange and staff mobility
  • Visiting factories and project sites with students
  • Preparation of joint applications
  • Establishing a guideline for sustainable cooperation

Expected Results

  • Advanced training, mentoring, and internationalization of students
  • Strengthened cooperation with industry partners
  • A joint online open course and a physical course
  • Joint applications to research projects and publication of project results
  • International cultural experience

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OsloMet and ISU are two main partners of this project. In addition, the project team will benefit from a strong support system, including: ISU’s Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT), ISU Study Abroad Center, and COE-LAS Online Learning (ELO) Center, ensuring various cultural and pedagogical aspects.

Project coordinator