Consent: Human Rights and Child Protection (OsloMet / University of Cluj)

What the project is about

Human rights and child protection will be a sub-project to a large research-project named CONSENT: Cosmopolitan Turn and Democratic Sentiments. It is a bilateral project between Romania and Norway that investigates to what extent and in what way child protection services are rights-based in the two respective countries. We ask what policy-makers think, legislators, professionals working in child protection and the population, and explore how they reflect on the meaning of rights. The aim is to acquire a richer understanding of what human rights entail and what it does not entail.

Suggestions for MA-students

The focus is on child protection services and the rights that children carry. How are they enforced in Romania and Norway respectively? How are children included in decision-making? How is the child´s interests a central focal point of decision-making and so on. The list is long.

Access to data

Interview-reports of policy-makers and stakeholders in both Romania and Norway, Nation-wide surveys, and access to document data.

It is relevant for Social Work, Child Welfare, and International Social welfare and Health Policy.

Supervision will be done in groups, but with individual feedback. One English group and one Norwegian group. Students must commit to write article-based masters.  

The project group has one team in Norway and one in Romania. The team in Romania is situated at the University of Cluj, whereas the Norwegian team is both at OsloMet and University of Bergen. Contact  –

Contact person: Asgeir Falch-Eriksen:

Download the presentation as pdf:

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