The AI Lab was established in 2019 by researchers from Oslo Metropolitan University and Simula Metropolitan Center for Digital Engineering. Our mission is to do research and innovation on artificial intelligent systems that improve the way people work and live, and educate our students to build and use AI to solve societal changes.

  • How to make AI we can trust
    Professors Pedro Lind and Anis Yazidi, two researchers at the OsloMet – SimulaMet AI Lab, brought NordSTAR together to build the trust and sustainability that are required for AI’s successful future.
  • AI-Mind in the Dementia in Europe Magazine
    Anis Yazidi from the AI Lab, together with Aalto University, is leading the development of machine learning tools and deep learning models in the project.
  • Towards less artificial artificial intelligence
    Stefano Nichele presented at the NORA webinar and discussed how we can learn from the human brain to develop AI systems that are less artificial and more true to biology.
  • How can biology inspire artificial intelligence?
    Humans solve complex problems with high efficiency and low energy consumption, while artificial intelligence today requires huge amounts of energy and data for training, and they lack explainability. Stefano Nichele believes that we should develop AI systems that are less artificial and more true to biology. Nichele is one of the founders and deputy head […]
  • New centre aims to prepare future professionals for the digital world
    PACT (Centre for Education in Profession-Applied and Contextualized Technology) is a new centre at OsloMet that will promote a new type of education where all students develop an understanding of how technology interacts with their future profession and with society.