Kronikk in Dagsavisen

Aadne Aasland and Oleksandra Deineko write about the strong sense of belonging in Ukrainian local communities and the legitimacy of local mayors in resistance against the Russian invasion in Dagsavisen (in Norwegian)

NIBR condemns Russian invasion

NIBR condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. NIBR researchers have conducted research in Ukraine since 2008. We are deeply concerned about the safety and wellbeing of our partners in Kharkiv, Lviv, Chernivtsi, Dnipro and Kyiv. Our thoughts go to them, their families and the whole Ukrainian people.

New articles by Oleksandra Deineko

1.      Deineko O. A critical review of J. Chan’s model of social cohesion measuring: perspectives of adaptation to the Ukrainian context. Bulletin of Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University. Series: philosophy, philosophy of law, political science, sociology. Issue №4 (51). 2021. P. 192-207. URL :

2.      Deineko O. Social cohesion and social solidarity: in the search of Essential Distinction. Almanac «Grani», №6, 2021. P. 81-89. URL :

3.      Deineko O. Social cohesion in the discourse of related concepts: the experience of relational-attributive approach. Perspectives. Socio-political journal, №2, 2021. P. 159-168. URL :