War and peace

Teaching War and Peace Journalism

How to teach War and Peace journalism: professional challenges when encountering propaganda and fake news. 

In the last issue of the journal JOURNALISM EDUCATION (2019; 8:2), Elisabeth Eide and Rune Ottosen have published an article drawing on their extensive experience in teaching an MA course in war and peace journalism with students from a wide range of countries.

Photo journalism Students

Preparing for fieldwork

Abeer Saady teaching the students how to protect each other (Photo: Nima Taheri)

JMIC safety trainer Abeer Saady held a one day safety workshop in Oslo this week.

Investigative journalism

First Nepalese story out

From western Nepal (Photo: Basanta Pratap Singh)

Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ) Nepal has published the first story from their project on access to information for investigative journalists:

“Corruption in the pristine land: 500 million for not a single trail” is from Khaptad, in the far west of Nepal, where millions has been spent to develop infrastructure and facilities.