40 attended safety webinar in Yemen

zoom screenshot of Dr. Ali Al-Burihy
Dr. Ali Al-Burihy, Professor of media and communication at Sana’a University  

Sana’a University in partnership with the Cultural Media Center (CMC) organized a special webinar for Yemeni journalists together with JMIC 27 May 2021.  

The webinar was moderated by the professor at the faculty of mass communication at Sana’a University, Dr. Ali Al-Burihy, and focused on safety and ethics for students and journalists during the corona pandemic.

Trainer was Abeer Saady, journalist, academic, researcher, expert in ethical journalism – and former vice president of the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate. 

At the opening of the session, Dr. Ali Al-Burihy emphasized the role that the media people play in creating awareness, considering that journalists are more vulnerable to the corona epidemic than most others. He touched upon the responsibility that falls on media professionals to convey correct information, and emphasized occupational safety. 

He also referred to the challenges faced by media professionals during the pandemic, including the lack of access to information from sources, restrictions imposed on them, the withholding and misleading of information from the authorities and journalists’ exposure to pressure, whether by official authorities or by the public. 

Director of the Cultural Media Center, Wedad Albadwi, pointed to the situation of Yemeni journalists in the light of the corona pandemic, and the dangers imposed by this reality, which double the responsibility of journalists in developing their abilities and skills to work and face pressures, while being careful to avoid hinders to their safety. 

During the session, Saady touched on important aspects related to security and safety in general, and security and safety in light of the corona pandemic. The session included multiple skills for occupational protection and safety, whether physical, psychological, social or digital. 

The webinar was attended by about 40 participants, including academics, journalists, journalists, and students’ clubs at the College of Media. It was enriched with an extensive discussion on topics related to occupational safety and protection and the transfer of personal experiences. 

CMC : https://cmc-ye.org/الدولي-للصحافة-بجامعة-أوسلو-والاعلام/ 

Alarabiatimes: https://alarabiatimes.net/ReadMore.aspx?ID=21288&CategoryID=3 

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