Doctor in safety


Marte Høiby Friday 13 December 2019

Marte Høiby defended her thesis  “JOURNALISM UNDER PRESSURE – A cross-national study of antipress violence and journalist safety” at OsloMet 13 December.

She also held a trial lecture: “An evaluation of theoretical and historical academic perspectives on why journalists are at risk and why that risk is increasing.”

First opponent was Professor Jackie Harrison at the The University of Sheffield.  Second opponent was Professor Simon Cottle, Cardiff University, and leader of the committee was Associate Professor Terje Colbjørnsen at OsloMet.

Leader of the defence was Dean Ann-Helén Bay, and supervisors were Professor Rune Ottosen and Professor Kristin Skare Orgeret – all three at OsloMet. More information: 

Professor Jackie Harrison at the The University of Sheffield

Professor Simon Cottle, Cardiff University

Leader of the defence Dean Ann-Helén Bay

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