First webinar on corona safety: The enemy is everywhere

screenshot of zoom meeting
Almost 40 participants from Ethiopia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Rwanda, South Sudan and Uganda, on the 19 May took part in the first JMIC webinar on ‘Safety and ethics for journalists during the corona pandemic’. 

On the zoom chat following a short introduction, JMIC trainer Abeer Saady answered both questions prepared in advance and spontaneous ones. She has previously done similar trainings for many journalist organizations and institutions.

The host this time was Dr. Altaf Khan at Forman Christian College University in Lahore, while his colleague Rachel Hasan moderated the session, which lasted more than two hours. From Oslo, JMIC Director Elisabeth Eide welcomed the participants, and reminded them of governments who might exploit the Covid19-opportunity to introduce authoritarian measures and curbs on press freedom. 

Most of the participants have attended live trainings with Saady at partner universities in Ethiopia, Pakistan, Indonesia and Uganda – a great global network of more than 100 alumni created over the last three years.

screenshot of Abeer Saady on Zoom
Abeer Saady

With the corona virus pandemic journalists have experienced new challenges and great dangers. – In this new war, the enemy is everywhere, Abeer Saady says.

As one of the participants wrote afterwards: “Thank you so much Abeer for such detailed but simplified explanation of all this scenario. It has been a great learning experience.”

Elisabeth Eide would like to use the recent experiences to create a facility for mutual support for journalists, students and teachers when it comes to press freedom, journalist crisis management, and widening the scope to focus particularly on equal gender rights.

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