Program for GRJH seminar 24 September 12 noon Oslo, Norway Time: 12.00

Producing podcast and journalism during a Global Pandemic 

Streamed YouTube: Link for audience is:

  1. 12:00 Intro by students and podcasters Thomas, Åsta, Stine
  2. 12:05 Video greeting from Rector at OsloMet
  3. 12:10 Jordan Gass-Pooré from CNN and WADUP: 

WADUP a Mentorship Program  and  a Solution for a Global Journalist Model during Crises?

Jordan Gass-Pooré
Jordan Gass-Poore’ is a CNN soundproducer. She is an expert on podcast production and investigative journalist with more than a decade of experience in the industry in the US and UK. Jordan is the co-founder of the women-led local news podcast, Local Switchboard NYC. She is also a story coach with WADUP, an international storytelling collective run by young people and creative producers. An alumna of City, University of London’s investigative journalism program, Jordan co-founded the campus radio station, Carrot Radio.

4. 13:00 Craig Templeton from The Guardian Masterclass

Craig Templeton
Craig is an audio journalist, documentary maker, radio producer and the co-founder of Tempo & Talker.  For nearly 20 years he has  made audCio content for BBC Radio – and managed audio projects for The Guardian, The Economist and the Royal Society of Arts.  He has also produced podcast series for some of the biggest bands to come out of the UK, including Pink Floyd, Oasis, and Joy Division/New Order.  His documentary work for the BBC covers a broad range of subjects. Amongst others a programme made during the first UK lockdown on the consequences of our response to Covid-19. Craig once spent an afternoon in Woody Allen’s private screening room in Manhattan. He seemed very tired.

5. 14:00 Jo Healey from BBC

Interviewing During Trauma – The Need for Sensitivity During Crises

Jo Healey
Jo Healey has covered people’s highly sensitive stories for more than thirty years. She was a reporter for newspapers and radio before moving to BBC TV, becoming a senior news journalist. There she devised and introduced Trauma Reporting training for journalists. She is the author of Trauma Reporting, A Journalist’s Guide to Covering Sensitive Stories. The founder of Trauma Work, Jo now trains journalists and media teams all over the world in how best to work with victims, survivors and vulnerable interviewees. (website:

6. 15:00 Aryana Noroozi Pulitzer Prize Fellow

Covid-19 up-close – visual storytelling during times of crisis

Aryana Noroozi
Aryana Noroozi is a visual storyteller, photojournalist, and digital artist who earned her master’s degree at The Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. Her work has been featured in the San Diego Union-Tribune and the Los Angeles Times. Aryana worked as a Migration and Refugee Fellow at The GroundTruth Project where she discovered her passion for solutions- journalism. Aryana utilized this reporting along with documentary photography to cover education within and the representation of San Diego’s refugee communities during COVID-19. Most recently, her photography and writing focus on overcoming the odds of addiction in the American Midwest.

7. 15:45 Conclusion  – a Global Goodbye by OsloMet students: Thomas, Åsta & Stine

First webinar on corona safety: The enemy is everywhere

screenshot of zoom meeting
Almost 40 participants from Ethiopia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Rwanda, South Sudan and Uganda, on the 19 May took part in the first JMIC webinar on ‘Safety and ethics for journalists during the corona pandemic’. 

On the zoom chat following a short introduction, JMIC trainer Abeer Saady answered both questions prepared in advance and spontaneous ones. She has previously done similar trainings for many journalist organizations and institutions.

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First virtual workshop on extremism in Pakistan

screenshot of Dr. James A. Tebbe
 Rector Dr. James A. Tebbe at FCCU
screenshot of a powerpoint.
Prof. Elisabeth Eide at JMIC/OsloMet 
screenshot of Prof. Altaf Khan
 Prof. Altaf Khan at FCCU in Lahore

Forman Christian College University (FCCU) in Lahore hosted the first International Virtual Workshop on Polarised Societies and Many Faces of Extremism 21 April, in cooperation with JMIC

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Indonesian Interfaith – Intermedia dialogue

Panel on press freedom and media responsibility. From left: Agus Sudibyo, The Indonesian Press Council; Jati Savitri,; Gunnar Kagge, Aftenposten; Elisabeth Eide, JMIC; Shoaib Sultan, Norwegian Centre Against Racism. Rudi Sukandar, the Habibie Center, also participated. (Photos courtesy of the Embassy of Indonesia)

Together with The Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, the Embassy of Indonesia in Norway organised a two day seminar. Read More


Photo: Indonesian Embassy

In late June this year, JMIC co-organized an event with the Embassy of Indonesia in Oslo under the title ‘The Role of Civil Societies in Facing Radicalism in Indonesia’, with two invited scholars of Islam in Indonesia, Dr. Marsudi Syuhud and Dr. Abdul Muki. Read More

Second Cairo media conference

Bente Kalsnes, OsloMet, talks about digital storytelling (Photo:  EMDP, Cairo)

Digital storytelling was the main topic at the Cairo Media Conference held at the American University in Cairo on April 3rd and 4th. Read More


Publication by this year’s Ossietzky Award winner Ahmedur ‘Tutul’ Chowdury, ICORN resident writer in Norway, originally from Bangladesh.

Here with its 11th issue: Shuddhashar has grown to include new writers and new topics. We firmly believe that reading, writing and thinking work well together,  and we hope that you find thought-provoking and informative articles in this issue.

We also eagerly wait for your contribution!  Please reach out to us.

Moroccan documentaries

Anne Hege Simonsen, the head of the JMIC board, was part of a jury judging short documentaries in Morocco this week.

The screening took place is Institut Supériur de l´Information et de la Communication (ISIC) in Rabat.

She also held a Master class for ISIC students enrolled in the Migration and Media Masters.


Brazilian visit

Elisabeth Saad, researcher and consultant in digital communications and media, visited OsloMet – and JMIC – this week.

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