Free after 107 days

Bangladeshi photographer Shahidul Alam was released from jail after more than 100 days behind bars this week. 

He has been under medical observation and is still going through check-ups, according to his colleagues in Pathshala, South Asian Media Institute in Dhaka. 

You can read his letter and see more photographs here

Shahidul Alam was arrested on August 5 after an interview by Al Jazeera about student protests. The case filed against him is under the controversial section 57 of the ICT Act. Thursday last week he was granted bail. Lawyer Sara Hossain explains:  

All over the world photographers and others have demanded his release, for example have 34 eminent South Asians written to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh – among them Arundhati Roy: 

More information:

Shahidul Alam was released Tuesday evening. (Photo: Suvra Kanti Das)

Shahidul Alam with family and friends the first night (Photo: Suvra Kanti Das)


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