First safety training of trainers

Universitas Indonesia and JMIC have cooperated on the first safety and security training for journalist trainers in Jakarta 23 and 24 November.

This is JMIC´s first training on this level.  Some of the participants also participated in a larger regular 4-day training in how to work in hostile environment 19 – 22 November.  See the video here:

The international trainer Abeer Saady was responsible for the content of the training. She was assisted by Bobby Gunawan, an Indonesian photojournalist with broad experience from coverage of natural and manmade disasters. 

Most of the 12 participants for the “training of trainers” and the 24 participants for the hostile environment course came from different Indonesian media, while some were students and teachers.  

Among many other topics, they learned how to manage their own profile and a grab bag with the most important tools, as well as digital security and gender concerns. They had different role play scenarios and learned basic first aid. Through a Facebook group they shared photos, useful material and quotes. 

The local organizer was the Department of Communication at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at Universitas Indonesia, which is an established partner for JMIC. 

Interview with Abeer Saady (in Norwegian):

First aid was important (Photo: Muhammad Jordi/Ahmad Fitriyan)

Abeer Saady uses post-it notes (Photo: Muhammad Jordi/Ahmad Fitriyan)

Exchanging experience in an interactive training (Photo Muhammad Jordi/Ahmad Fitriyan)

Some of the trainees (Photo: Muhammad Jordi/Ahmad Fitriyan)

More pictures

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