Fritt Ord Student Grant to Bangladesh, China and Norway

in black and white, a woman feeding a child while on her phone
Nima Taheri

Three photojournalist students who graduated in June 2020 have received Fritt Ord Student Grant. All three will continue working on their individual photographic projects which they started and developed during the International Documentary Course in Nepal in February-March.

OsloMet and Fritt Ord are happy to announce that Sumi Khatun from Bangladesh have received the grant for her project “It’s been a while”, documenting and portraying the older population in Nepal. Chinese student Guligo Jia have received the grant for her project “Nepali Civil War”, conceptual and staged portraits as part of a bigger project on communist legacy in Asian countries.

2 people having their braids together
Guligo Jia

The third student receiving the grant is Nima Taheri, Norwegian graduate student from OsloMet. His project “Flow of Nepal”, is a documentation of the current state of the migrant workers of Nepal. As he writes: “It is the story of the people living with the consequences of the modern slave system.”

old woman sitting in the dark
Sumi Khatun

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