The department of journalism and media studies supported by JMIC today honoured the Press Freedom day with a keynote on cartoons and free expression, a panel discussion and a film screening. Even if Norway is top ranked in the annual list from Reporters Without Borders, the panel mentioned several issues of concern, such as threats and harassment against journalists, political propositions which limit access to information and journalist autonomy, and surveillance. These factors also open for more journalists exercising a proportion of self censorship, which is a frightening development.

Sidsel Avlund from NRK (Public Broadcasting) presented a survey showing that almost a third of their journalists (29 percent) had experienced harassment, threats etc., and that many of them did not even speak about this to others.

Panel from left to right: Arne Jensen, President of Norwegian Editors Union; Per Elvestuen, Director of Oslo Freedom Forum and cartoonist; Elin Floberghagen, Norwegian Press Association; and Sidsel Avlund, from the Norwegian Public Broadcasting, responsible for journalist safety.

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