Who are we?

About the team

Disclaimer: The project described below is finished. This website is now being used to spread information about academic production on Russian Sámi issues, written by NIBR researchers, which is not necessarily produced as part of the original project.

Russia in Pan-Sami politics is a project headed by researchers from the International Department of the Norwegian Institute of Urban and Regional Research (NIBR), with the Norwegian Institute of International Politics’ (NUPI) Department of Russian and Eurasian Studies participating as a consortium partner. The Murmansk State Pedagogical University‘s Faculty of Intercultural Communication, Language Theory and Journalism (MPGU, Russia) is also involved in the project. Furthermore, one part of the project also involves a cooperation with the Institute for Social Research (ISF, Norway) and the University of Auckland (New Zeeland). The project advisors are from the University of Lapland (UL, Finland) and the University of Tromsø (UiTø, Norway).

The following people are involved in the project:


Jørn Holm-Hansen, team leader.

Mikkel Berg-Nordlie.


Indra Øverland


Aleksandra Butylova

Olga Ivanishcheva

Inna Ryzhkova

Yuliya Shestova


Jo Saglie


Ann Sullivan

We also draw on the expertise of the following project advisors:

Leif Rantala, UL

Elisabeth Scheller, UiTø