New article: Two Centuries of Russian Sámi Policy

This article reviews arrangements for Russian Sámi self-government during the Late Imperial (1822–1917), Soviet (1917–1991) and Federal (1992–) Eras of Russian history, comparing them to developments in the country’s general indigenous minority policy.

Berg-Nordlie, Mikkel: Two Centuries of Russian Sámi Policy: Arrangements for Autonomy and Participation Seen in Light of Imperial, Soviet and Federal Indigenous Minority Policy 1822–2014 is available in Acta Borealia, Volume 32, Issue 1/2015.

A version of the article made for this website is also available (PDF)


New book: Developments in Sámi politics

The new book «Samepolitikkens utvikling», edited by Bjørn Bjerkli and Per Selle (Oslo: Gyldendal, 2015), contains one chapter which compares Sámi representation in Russia with Sámi representations structrues in Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

The chapter in question is:
«Representativitet i Sápmi: fire stater, fire tilnærminger til inklusjon av urfolk» (Mikkel Berg-Nordlie)

Read more about the book (in Norwegian) here.

omsl.8-Samepolitikkens utvikling


New book: Indigenous politics – institutions, representation, mobilization

A new book on the indigenous politics in different states across the world. Edited by Mikkel Berg-Nordlie, Jo Saglie, and Ann Sullivan.

The book contains a thorough overview over institutional arrangements for indigenous representation and mobilization processes, and describes concrete cases of conflict and negotiation in a wide range of states.


Several of the chapters touch upon Sámi issues, one of which concerns Russian Sámi politics: «Who shall represent the Sámi? Indigenous Governance in. Murmansk Region and the Nordic Sámi Parliament Model» (by Berg-Nordlie)

Click here for table of contents and excerpts from the book.

The book is published by ECPR Press, with chapters produced by a broad and interdisciplinary international team of researchers: Johannes Bergh, Mikkel Berg-Nordlie, Einar Braathen, Ravi de Costa, Ciaran O’Faircheallaigh, Patrik Lantto, John-Andrew McNeish, Ulf Mörkenstam, Torunn Pettersen, Martin Papillon, Jane Robbins, Jo Saglie, Cássio Inglez de Sousa og Ann Sullivan.