What are the facilitator and inhibitor factors for young adults, who receive welfare benefits or health services in Norway due to long-term pain and psychological distress, to participate in education and work (OsloMet)

About the project

This Master’s Thesis project is a part of a broader PhD project at OsloMet where we involve young adults, health personnel, researchers, and NAV to answer our project questions using a needs-identified research model. We believe this method can remarkably contribute to increasing the usefulness and utility of the research.

Long-term pain and psychological distress in young people can negatively affect participation in education and work and have significant consequences for individuals and society. The project’s ambition is to contribute to developing more holistic knowledge about facilitator and inhibitor factors that influence young adults with long-term pain and psychological ailments to participate in education and work.

The primary purpose of this master project is to identify the viewpoints and perceptions of the target group, young adults who receive welfare benefits or health services in Norway, and to understand what are, in their view, the factors that can facilitate or inhibit their participation in education or at work (job, career). We hypothesize that we will identify a list of factors that can facilitate and inhibit their participation in education and work, where the evidence can help us delineate a strategy that enhances their participation and limit or minimize the barriers.

The project is part of the bridge-building initiative at the Faculty of Health Sciences and is a UNIKOM collaboration between the Bydel Grünerløkka and OsloMet.

Aims and method(s)

A Cross-Sectional Study will be designed, with the aid of an anonymous online questionnaire to collect the data from the target group in Norway. With the aid of this method, the factors will be identified and evidence will be documented.

We expect to identify the key considerations in supporting this group by formulating and delineating a strategy to assist them in education and work and diminish barriers in their ways.

The ultimate goal is to have a collaborative strategy where NAV, the health care system, and the educational system can together implement a useful strategy for the target group in Norwegian society. This will not only benefit the target group, but the society as a whole in terms of health economy, NAV resources, educational resources, and manpower for the future of our society.

This project is an online anonymous survey and hence, no REK approval is required. We will inform SIKT. However, no sensitive or personal data will be collected via the online anonymous questionnaire.

We are looking for

A student in Social Work or International Social Welfare and Health Policy, with interest in cross-sectional quantitative studies with the aid of online anonymous surveys; A good understanding of long-term pain and psychological distress.


Principal supervisor/project manager: Parisa Gazerani PharmD, PhD, Professor
OsloMetropolitan University, P50, L239
E-mail parisaga@oslomet.no

Co-supervisor: Frida Elise Larsen, PhD candidate
Workplace – address OsloMetropolitan University, P50
E-mail fridaeli@oslomet.no

Further reading / Inspiration

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