Amase – A multidimensional approach to social exclusion in later life (Nova)

About the project

Social exclusion, or the exclusion from mainstream society, is a multidimensional concept and has many faces. It can refer to those that cannot participate in civic society, but also to people who have a very small social network, or who are poor or who are excluded from health care services or public transport.

Being socially connected is a universal need and a fundamental human right, but a considerable number of older people in Europe and to some extent also Norway are socially excluded. Older people have an increased risk for social exclusion due to the accumulation of factors associated with age, such as poor health, loss of relatives and friends, and lower physical and social activities. Social exclusion is not only unwanted in its own right, but also because of the disruptive consequences for mental and physical health, leading to substantial social, economic and health expenditures for societies. With the AMASE project we hope to get more insight into the multidimensional nature of old age social exclusion and its consequences for mental and physical health of older adults.

Possible thesis questions

In this quantitative project, students can develop their own questions that are related to social exclusion in later life. Possible research questions that can be investigated are:

  • Who is at risk for social exclusion (in Norway or Europe)?
  • How are exclusion from different domains interrelated?
  • What are the health and wellbeing outcomes of social exclusion? Do welfare states moderate associations between social exclusion and health/wellbeing?
  • How does social exclusion change over time?


Students can work with existing quantitative datasets such as the European Quality of Life Survey; the Norwegian Life-course and generation Study (NORLAG) or the European Social Survey.

Relevant for which study options

This project is relevant for International Social Welfare and Health Policy, and Social Work.

About us

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