Ongoing projects on Ukraine.

“Ukrainian refugees experiences with the integration process and public services in Norway” (2023-2026) NIBR OsloMet. 

The project is aimed to investigate how Ukrainians refugees experience their ongoing integration process in Norway and how they experience their encounter with Norwegian public services. 

“The Civil-Military Cooperation in Crisis Management” (2023). Stabsskolen v/Forsvarets høyskole .  

The project seeks to study the Ukrainian civil society’s role in the Ukrainian total defence before and during the Russian war in Ukraine.  

“Total Defence Cooperation with Ukraine” (2020-2025). Stabsskolen v/Forsvarets høyskole. 

“The project seeks to share research and lessons-learned on how to strengthen Total Defence and resilience against contemporary military and non-military threats. The main partner in the project is the National Defence University of Ukraine (NDUU).”  

“Contested Ukraine. Military patriotism, Russian Influence, and Implications for European Security” (2021-2025). Stabsskolen v/Forsvarets høyskole.  

Feasibility of assessment of mental health and treatment needs in newly arrived refugees from the war in Ukraine – a pilot study. Spring 2022 – spring 2023. Funded by The Norwegian Directorate of Health.

National values and political reforms in post-Maidan Ukraine (VALREF). Spring 2021 – Autumn 2024. Funded by the Research Council of Norway. Cooperation with the Norwegian Defence Reserach Establishment.

Norway-Ukraine: Professional Adaptation. Integration into the State System (NUPASS) Nord University. Integrating the professional and social adaptation model, developed by the “Ukraine-Norway” project during 2003-2019 into the state system of Ukraine for efficient professional adaptation and social adaptation of veterans and their family members into the civil society.​

Norwegian-Ukrainian cooperation in a field of Public sector accounting, budgeting and finance Research Education (NUPRE). Nord University. Harmonization of education and training on PhD-level between Norway and Ukraine that resulted in running joint supervision of PhD students under cotutelle agreement.

Norwegian-Ukrainian cooperation in Public Sector Economy Education: Accounting, Budgeting and Finance (NUPSEE). Nord University. Harmonization of master education between Norway and Ukraine that resulted in establishment double degree program on Public Sector Economy.

Ukrainian refugees’ experiences with their first phase in Norway. NIBR, OsloMet; Project leader: Vilde Hernes. Commissioned by the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) and the Directorate of Integration and Diversity (IMDi).

“Influx of Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian Migrants. Integration and Governance Dynamics in Nordic and Baltic States” Project owner: Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. Project number: 161678, NordForsk.

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