Scholarly publications

Articles in refereed journals, book chapters, book reviews.

Aasland Aadne, Filippova Olga, Deineko Oleksandra. 2022. “Dimensions of social cohesion in a transitional society: The case of Ukraine.” Europe-Asian Studies. 2022.

Myhre, Marthe Handå, Aadne Aasland, and Jørn Holm-Hansen. “‘Crimea will forever be Russian’: dissenting Norwegian media discourses on Russia’s annexation of Crimea.” European Politics and Society (2022): 1-24.

Rabinovych, Maryna. 2023. “Interplay between Ukraine’s Domestic Legislation on Conflict and Uncontrolled Territories and its Strategic Use of ‘Lawfare’ before Russia’s 2022 Invasion of Ukraine – A Troubled Nexus?” Review of Central and East European Law 47(3-4).  

Rabinovych, Maryna, Gawrich, Andrea. 2023. “The Conflict in Eastern Ukraine and International Support for the Decentralization Reform (2014–2022): Theory-Guided Observations”. East European Politics and Societies: and Cultures.  

Rogatchevski, Andrei, ‘Oles’ Ianchuk: Famine ’33 (Holod-33, 1991)’, Kinokultura, Special Issue 9: Ukrainian Cinema (December 2009), 

Bukkvoll, Tor and Brundtland Steder, Frank. 2023. “War and the Willingness to Resist and Fight in Ukraine”, Problems of Post-Communism. Full article: War and the Willingness to Resist and Fight in Ukraine (

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