When Ageism Destroys Creativity

Creativity and innovation are often seen as a monopoly of “the young”. Young persons are supposed to be naturally more prone to the novel simply because they are young. The main issue with that sort of assumption is that it is also frequently accompanied by the idea that older persons do not have the same “drive”, or even worst, cannot be innovative.

In this moving video from the New York Times, the awarded writer Norman Lear is the central point for a number of lessons about old age.

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Why human beings have two ears but only one tongue?

Henning Mankell in Bethlehem | Source: wikimedia

Henning Mankell in Bethlehem | Source: wikimedia

In honor of Henning Mankell, who passed away this Monday (October 5th) aged 67, we reproduce the introduction of an article he published in the New York Times about his experience in Mozambique.

“I CAME to Africa with one purpose: I wanted to see the world outside the perspective of European egocentricity. I could have chosen Asia or South America. I ended up in Africa because the plane ticket there was cheapest

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