Challenging stereotypes: How to build gender awareness

Participants grouping up for a group picture
Participants at the conference about gender and media in Indonesia in the autumn of 2019. 

On the International Women’s Day 8 March 2021,  International Association of Women in Radio and Television (IAWRT) and JMIC will launch a special issue of the Journalism Education journal, addressing how to build gender awareness among journalism educators, challenging marginalization and stereotypes.

panel debate on stage.

The digital event is to take place at 8 am in New York, 1 pm in London, 2 pm. in Oslo/Berlin, 630 pm in New Delhi and 9 pm in Manila.

A globally composed panel will address experiences on how to mainstream gender perspectives in journalism education with speakers from India, Nepal, Uganda, United Kingdom and Norway. 

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Women winners of awards

Hind Mafadhel together with Hamida El Bour and Karim Belhadj Aissa and Paddy Clouther in ARTICLE 19 (to the left).

The journalists Hind Mafadhel and Sameh Gharsallah received the awards of the ‘Investigative Journalism and Access to Information (ATI) Regional Training’ project in North Africa last week.  Read More

UNESCO reports presented in Asia, Africa and the Arab region

The participants at a conference on teaching gender in journalism and media studies in Indonesia in October, where also UNESCO´s work on gender was presented. (Photo: Satri Nugroho, Universitas Indonesia)

Journalism & Media International Center (JMIC) at OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University in Norway has cooperated with UNESCO about the presentation of four reports in seven cities around the world this autumn. Read More

Student of climate change

I am Syed Muhammad Saqib, a PhD scholar at the Institute of Communication Studies, University of the Punjab, Pakistan and Assistant Professor at Department of Mass Communications, Forman Christian College Lahore. Read More

“Teaching Gender in Journalism and Media Studies” Workshop, a Forum for Mutual Learning and Sharing

Some of the participants gathered after the last session – Elisabeth Eide in the centre, Nina Mutmainnah in red, Ming-Kuok LIM from UNESCO to the right of Eide.

In 2012, the United Nations issued a resolution on the Promotion, Protection and Enjoyment of Human Rights on the Internet, one of which acknowledged that expressions delivered online received the same protection as offline expression activities. But countless women still experience fear and are threatened when using their freedom of expression rights on the Internet. Female journalists, for example, were recorded to have many negative experiences with online expression.

This is one of the reasons why the Workshop on Teaching Gender in Journalism and Media Studies was held. The event is a collaboration between the Department of Communication at the FISIP Universitas Indonesia, Department of Journalism and Media Studies / Journalism & Media International Center (JMIC), Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway, International Association of Women in Radio and Television (IAWRT), and the Communication Research Center, Institute of Social and Political Research and Development (LPPSP FISIP) Universitas Indonesia. Read More