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Hamida El Bour is the Director of L’Institut de presse et des sciences de l’information (IPSI) at Université de la Manouba

Journalists from Libya, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia came to Tunis 6-7 December to attend a workshop in investigative journalism.

Hanene Zbiss leads the Tunisian Association for investigative journalism (TAIJ)

Nejib Mokni is the Regional Head of the work of Article 19 Tunisia on access to information

Their teachers were Hamida El Bour, Hanene Zbiss, Tarjei Leer-Salvesen and Nejib Mokni in a program prepared by JMIC in collaboration with Article 19 Tunisia: “Access to information as a tool in enhancing investigative journalism”

The participants learned about the legal framework in the region and globally, practical tools and resources of information. In transnational groups, they worked on themes such as health, education, environment and natural resources in the Maghreb region.

Furthermore, they focused on ethics, the use of ATI across borders and best practices and pitfalls in investigative reporting, as well as how to make information requests and the exceptions to public access to information.

In her closing remarks, Director of Article 19 in Tunisia, Saloua Ghazouani Oueslati, emphasized that journalistic investigation is a continuous process – not only a workshop – and encouraged the participants to cooperate with colleagues.

Workshop participants on their way home to Libya, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia after an intense two-day workshop on access to information as a journalistic tool.


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