Frontline defenders  

Abeer Saady and Shahidul Alam in Dublin this week

JMIC´s safety trainer Abeer Saady attended 2019 Dublin Platform for Human Rights Defenders this week.

Among over 120 human rights defenders from more than 80 countries was also Shahidul Alam, Person of the Year in Time magazine last year – a long time cooperation partner of OsloMet.

Shahidul talked about the work of the defenders and journalists during elections and the challenges they meet, reports Abeer Saady.

Shahidul Alam from Bangladesh on stage (in the middle) (Photo: Abeer Saady)

She also met Michel Forst, UN´s Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders, who was particularly concerned about local journalists.

Over three days this week, human rights defenders shared tactics and strategies for their protection and security, while learning from each other about their struggles, protests, resistance movements and victories.



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