Hanene Zbiss receives Raif Badawi Award

From the awards ceremony yesterday – from the left: Düzen Tekkal (German Yezidi Journalist), Hanene Zbiss, Ensaf Haidar (Raef Badawi’s wife) and Michaela Lissowsky (Friedrich Naumann Fondation).

Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom presented the Raif Badawi Award for Courageous Journalists to Hanéne Zbiss from Tunisia at the Frankfurt Book Fair 16 October.

The Journalist Award honours the commitment of courageous journalists in the Middle East and North Africa and aims to draw attention to human rights violations, according to a press release.

Hanéne Zbiss is an investigative journalist and writes about Iraq and Tunisia, most recently with Inkyfada. In Tunisia she became known through her publications on so-called “Quran kindergartens”. Her research focused in particular on the brainwashing taking place in those kindergartens, which aims to turn very young children into extremists. She also reports on the fate of women and children of former ISIS fighters who are now trying to return to Tunisia. She has also been involved in JMIC´s training of investigative journalists in North Africa for several years.


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