How to survive economically: Should we forget the fear of corona?

zoom screen shot
Pathshala students and tutors

More than 40 students and photojournalists logged into zoom to meet JMIC safety trainer Abeer Saady Thursday last week. 

Many of them had prepared questions in advance – for example:  It’s a challenging time for the journalists in terms of professional surviving. So competition must be very high as the chances are limited. So should we forget the fear of COVID?   

The fight is against a tiny virus we cannot see: – You are frontliners and the enemy is everywhere, Saady said.  The crisis is physical, digital, psychosocial, ethical and financial safety – but you have the power of the camera. To do your job as photographers you can´t stay at home. 

The last months have been a struggle for most freelancers. Many employed have received only a partial salary. How to survive economically therefore became an important part of the safety discussion:

Abir Abdullah 

Pathshala veteran tutorAbir Abdullah suggested to think outside the box: Print and sell your pictures, take online courses –and what if we had a global platform where we could share experiences? 

  Abeer Saady

Pathsala South Asian Media Institute in Dhaka has been a collaboration partner for the photojournalism department at OsloMet for almost twenty years.  

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