Staying safe during riots and corona

Nepalese photojournalists connected with met JMIC safety trainer Abeer Saady online Sunday 6 September. 

They had just been through a tumultuous week, with a religious procession turning into a riot with many hurt during confrontation between police and photojournalists. 

We need a press card to show that we are doing our job, one of the photojournalists said. He has often been stopped and questioned by the police under the lockdown the last months.  

They share their situation with many freelancers around the world. -If you´re alone you can be eaten, Abeer Saady said. The former union leader advised them to try to negotiate together.  

-Local photojournalists are the heroes, she emphasized. But this does not mean you should risk your life when you do your work, she advised. 

The photojournalists started to meet online to discuss their profession during the pandemic, as they have been living under a very strict lockdown for months.  

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