Students from four countries visualizing China

The students from Nepal, Bangladesh, China and Norway the last day of the six weeks training – with some of the Chinese helpers.

After six weeks in the field students from Nepal, Bangladesh, Norway and China are heading home with the luggage full of new images.

The 21 students first met in Kunming in the middle of February for a start-up workshop, and then spread out to different corners of the huge country.

Some have worked in small villages, others in big cities – only the Chinese students with the skills of the language and culture.

Some of the images have been distributed through Instagram goldenpig_2019 and other social media.

The photos will be published in a book, a homepage and social media and exhibited during the DOK 19 photo festival in Fredrikstad from 24 May.

This is the fifth year the project runs in China, but the cooperation with partners in Nepal and Bangladesh has been going on for many years.

From the editing workshop – students from different countries working together

The images will be distributed through social media, a homepage, an exhibition and a book.

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