Warming up in Nepal, Bangladesh and Norway

This year’s participants, teachers, mentors and alumni students gathered for an introduction day online, January 17.

Photojournalism students from Bangladesh, Nepal and Norway attended a digital “Sunday Session” this week to mark the start of this years’ collaborative Storytelling program between the three countries.

4 students from Pathshala South Asian Media Institute in Dhaka, 4 participants from photo.circle in Kathmandu, and 8 students from OsloMet will attend this year’s online edition of this ongoing collaboration between Bangladesh, Nepal and Norway, mainly funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ian Teh will be the mentor for the startup workshop in February.

Sunday’s introduction day was a warming up before a five days digital photographic workshop with Malaysian photographer Ian Teh in the middle of February.

During the online session on Sunday each participant gave a small introduction, and 4 alumni students presented their projects from previous programs: Guligo Jia (China), Kjersti Hegna (Norway), Prasiit Sthapit (Nepal) and Shadman Shahid (Bangladesh).

After the workshop in February the participants will work on their own individual documentary project. Due to the pandemic and travel restrictions, the participants will shoot their stories close to home, in their home countries. The field work will be followed by an editing workshop, and the students will produce a book, an exhibition and a webpage. The teaching, mentoring and editing will all be done online. An experiment for everybody!

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