About OsloMetX

OsloMetX is developing a new genre in academic publishing, where textbook meets online course.

Watch / listen to the 77 second video breakdown, or scroll down for the script in plain text.

Video transcript:

Think of OsloMetX as a digital non-profit, publishing house. The authors are faculty staff, and the textbooks are our courses. But that is also where this analogy stops being useful. Because what you will experience here does not resemble a PDF.
Nor does it resemble a massive online course with deadlines, chat-bots and discussion forums.
This is in a way, a new genre.
It is Ted-talk meets Tik-Tok. It is animations, GIFs and interactive quizzes. AND it is academic!
This relies on digital transformation of education. No, not black zoom windows and other hybrid hellscapes of the pandemic era.
It relies on teachers or lecturers (and their superiors!) pushing slightly out of their comfort zone, and towards the media habits of their students.
It takes a lot of work. But the rewards are pretty awesome. And the best part; it is free and available to all. [Learn. More. Easy. &. Fun. Digital. Courses. Enroll. Now. OsloMetX]

Gabi Hurlen, OsloMetX

The Rebranding of 2022

We took the name OsloMetX in 2022. Before that we had a Norwegian name (Bokskapet ≈ Book Locker (why?)). The X in OsloMetX signals our use of the Open edX platform.

With the new name came a new visual look and new publishing standards.

Refining the publishing model by using process templates and publication standards, has made it easier to streamline quality improvement. Editorial staff of each course/textbook will find it easier to produce and publish educational material that is compliant with both form and content.

This quality improvement also affects a rather large back-list, triggering an extensive revision – but also a subsequent down-scaling.

Our focus is to ensure OsloMetX can play an important role as the crucial connection between student, curriculum and teacher – universally designed in a clear language.

English examples of the new genre

The following titles in OsloMetX are in English:

Immunology (sophomor level)

Applied Statistics (sophomor level)

Safety Journalists (sophomor level)

Public Health and Health Management (Public Health in English, Health Management in Norwegian)

Follow the Money (MA level)

Interpretation of Arterial Blood Gas (sophomor / freshman level)

Illustration of different video lecture types
Ted Talk meets Tik-Tok at OsloMetX

For questions about OsloMetX and our Open edX platform x.oslomet.no, please contact oslometx@oslomet.no