Oleksandra Deineko

Guest Researcher

Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research (NIBR),

Oslo Metropolitan University

Associate Professor

School of Sociology, V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

Phone: +47 41 32 03 76; +38 050 303 46 72


Oleksandra Deineko is a guest researcher at the Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research, Oslo Metropolitan University and Associate Professor School of Sociology V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. Ph.D. in Sociology (2015). Oleksandra is a Head of Youth Sector Sociological Association of Ukraine (SAU); Board Member of SAU. In 2021 she became a laureate (2nd place) of the All-Ukrainian competition among young sociologists organized by the Institute of Sociology (National Science Academy of Ukraine) “The Best Young Sociologist – 2021”. Since 2022 Oleksandra is an expert of National Research Foundation of Ukraine. During 2020-2021 she was a Local Sociology Survey Expert in USAID New Justice Program. Oleksandra is a Member of the editorial board of “Ukrainian Sociological Journal”. Project researcher at Accommodation of Regional Diversity in Ukraine (ARDU) in 2018-2021; project researcher at «Fostering the Urban Food System Transformation through Innovative Living Labs» (FUSILLI). Currently Oleksandra participates in the ongoing project “Ukrainian refugees – experiences from the first phase in Norway”.


Social cohesion, social capital, decentralization, identity, migration, Ukrainian society.






  • Aadne Aasland Olga Filippova, Oleksandra Deineko, Ruslan Zaporozhchenko «Decentralization, social cohesion and ethno-cultural diversity in Ukraine’s border regions» in A. Aasland and S. Kropp (eds.) (2021) The Accommodation of Regional and Ethno-cultural Diversity in Ukraine.


  • Ukrainian refugees – experiences from the first phase in Norway (May – Sept 2022). The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration and The Directorate of Diversity and Immigration.
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