Prevalence and vulnerable groups

Funding: The Ministry of Justice and Public Security
Project period: 2014-2019
Researchers: Svein Mossige (prosjektleder), Mette Løvgren, Kari Stefansen

Svein Mossige. Foto: Benjamin Ward, HiOA
Professor Svein Mossige. Photo: B. Ward, HiOA

The aim of this project is to identify trends in the exposure to violence, factors that affect the risk of such exposure, as well as buffers against adverse effects of exposure to violence. The data material consists of a comprehensive survey to a representative sample of Norwegian high school seniors (Ungvold2015). The questionnaire are in many aspects identical to that deployed in an earlier survey using an identical sample, allowing for identification of developments over time.


Mossige, Svein og Stefansen, Kari (red.) (2016). Vold og overgrep mot barn og unge. Omfang og utviklingstrekk 2007-2015. Nova Rapport 5/2016

M. Løvgren, K. Stefansen, I. Smette og S. Mossige (2017). Barn og unges utsatthet for fysisk vold fra foreldre. Endringer i mild og grov vold fra 2007 til 2015. Tidsskriftet Norsk Barnevern, 94(2)