Ricominciare / Start Again

(Scroll down for the text in Italian) Today is October 4, 2020, the ​high​ tide slips through the streets of Venice silently, the streets turned into canals. These water canals look like the old streams I saw as a child in Afghanistan or those canals that carried the weight of water helping the peasants in […]

Food Conviviality and Migrants’ Sustainable Livelihoods in Germany – ICAF Conference, September 2020

In September 25th 2020, the German team participated in the XLI Conference of the International Commission on the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition (ICAF). Based on our fieldwork in Berlin with our partners REFUEAT and Über den Tellerrand, we explored the role of food and cooking in the articulation of relations between migrants and host communities in Germany. We analyzed how two initiatives by our partners foster food conviviality, and the social and economic relations this encompasses, to create sustainable responses to the unequal relationships that affect the lives of migrants. This post is the text of the presentation.

Foodscapes at ESA 2020

The European Sociological Association’s (ESA) midterm conference for the consumption research network kicked off late August on Zoom, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. FOOD2GATGHER had a designated roundtable to discuss the use of foodscapes in researching migration and public spaces. The roundtable started with some presentations of FOOD2GATHER members (Gun Roos, Laura Terragni and Helene […]

Fieldwork in France

WP3- French Team 1)    A broad fieldwork: giving the bigger picture Since the three of us are doing fieldwork, we chose to explore various types of spaces.  We had chosen 4 partners: one is a social community centre in a popular neighbourhood that offers various propositions to involve people to be actors regarding food matters. […]