Erica Wie Dia holds an MSc in public health nutrition and has vocational education in Migrationhealth. Her interests are food environments at international and national level, health- and nutrition policy, and empowerment in promoting quality of life to (vulnerable) people.
Dr. Gun Roos is a nutritional anthropologist and co-leader of FOOD2GATHER. Her expertise is in the field of food practices, social inequalities and migration
Helene Fiane Teigen is a PhD student at SIFO, OsloMet, working on digital vulnerabilities. Within FOOD2GATHER, she is focusing on people’s engagement with digital services and infrastructures related to foodscapes
Dr. Ida Tolgensbakk is a cultural historian with a special interest in migration history and intra-European migration. Among other things, she has published on the symbolic status of the döner kebab in the Nordic countries
Dr. Laura Terragni is a sociologist expert in the field of food habits after migration, food security and nutrition communication towards minorities. She is Associate Professor at the master of Public Health Nutrition and responsible for a course on Food, Migration and Health
Marie Louise Seeberg is Research Professor and Head of Department for Research on Children, Families, and Child Welfare at NOVA (Institute of Norwegian Social Research). A social anthropologist, she has studied ethnicity and migration in a wide array of contexts, with food being a recurring topic.
Dr. Virginie Amilien is a researcher in cultural studies, with a special interest in food culture and consumption, food practices, local and sustainable food products.
Clara J. Reich is a PhD candidate at SIFO. Her interests lay in public spaces, digital media, and youth and childhoods studies.