“What is press freedom? A study on journalism students’ perception of press freedom” has been published in Journalism Education, Vol. 10, issue no.1.   

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Iranian scholar Dr. Mahmud Farjami spoke about Humour in Islam on zoom at OsloMet 12 May 2021.  

At the seminar he presented his soon to be completed research article, Self-Mockeries of a Mullah. A look on the humorous autobiography of Aqa Najafi Quchani (1878-1943).  He has continued his long-standing research into Humour in Islam in addition to presentations at conferences and teaching.  

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WPFD 2021 online protest: Defend press freedom and freedom of expression

zoom screenshot people holding up poster protesting.
Online protest action to call to defend the press freedom and free Frencie Mae Cumpio. Sreenshot: Sanafe Marcelo

On May 3, the International Association of Women in Radio and Television (IAWRT) in partnership with the Journalism & Media International Center (JMIC) of Oslo Metropolitan University, and in collaboration with UNESCO Jakarta held an online protest action on May 3, World Press Freedom Day (WPFD).  

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