Editing in cyberspace during corona

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18 students of photojournalism from four countries in quarantine in Dhaka, Kathmandu and Oslo were part of a new type of editing workshop last week.

Friday they met virtually on “Zoom” to summarize their experiences of finishing their fieldwork in the time of the coronavirus.

The last three-four weeks they have been working in the field in Nepal to collect images for their pitches, after a start-up workshop.

When the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus epidemic a pandemic 11 March, they had head to their home countries in a rush.

Left in the Himalayas were the Nepalese – and the Chinese participants, who found their flight home cancelled. All of them were ordered indoors.

This means that the completion of the project has been and will be done from some kind of house arrest, in Bangladesh, Nepal and Norway.

The students are planning the production of a web presentation, a book and an exhibition – if possible.

As the photo festival DOK 20 in Fredrikstad in June is cancelled, they are looking ahead for the festivals Photo Kathmandu in December and Chobi Mela in Dhaka in February.

It will be a  new way of working – a new unique crisis experience – which probably will be useful for the young photojournalists in their future career.

In the meantime, some of their images from Nepal can be seen on Instagram tippingpoint2020

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