Carla Louise Hughes won the Student of the year award at OsloMet

Carla Luise Hughes sammen med Rolf Martin Aspenes og Nina Waaler foran en gul vegg på OsloMet

We are thrilled to share with you that PANSOC affiliated student Carla has won Student of the Year award at 2020/2021 at OsloMet.

Student of the year is a prestigious award given to a student who has excelled in their efforts for the study and learning environment, and has been a role model for other students. Carla was nominated for the following reasons:

Having moved to Norway during the pandemic from the UK, making connections with anybody at all was a challenge, but Carla has nevertheless built a great network wherever it has been possible. She made the very most of her time here. This included spending time with her new friends and other international students during special times of the year (Christmas, New Year, Easter etc.). After being affiliated with the Centre for Research on Pandemics & Society (PANSOC) in 2021, she also suggested other fellow students to contact and become part of PANSOC.

Carla’s affiliation with PANSOC and the extra-curricular Norwegian language classes that she takes at OsloMet are great examples of how she has excelled and strengthened her studies in a positive way. This is also alongside continuing to receive good grades in her mandatory studies and engaging in the Buddy-program which unfortunately was canceled due to Covid-19.

Carla contributes to OsloMet’ s reputation through social media both personally and through her student staff work with OsloMet social media. Part of her success in this role has been widening OsloMet’ s international audience by consistently sharing information in English. Carla’s community involvement and understanding of people’s lives and background can also be mostly demonstrated by a particular video where she discusses tips on how to live as an international student during corona, where she highlight the need to care for our mental and physical health during this time.

Carla Louise Hughes is a great ambassador for OsloMet.

You can read more about Carla and her price here:

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