PANSOC’s research cited in the new report from the Norwegian Corona-commission

Nushagak, Alaska, summer of 1919. The picture is from one of several orphanages that popped up in Alaska after the terrible “Spanish flu” pandemic had killed a high number of parents and younger siblings leaving only a handful of children aged 5-14 in the most severely hit villages.
Source: Alaska Historical Library.

The Norwegian Corona-commission is citing PANSOC’S research on Indigenous peoples & Pandemics, including an opinion piece by Centre leader Mameund in Aftenposten 15 April 2020 (Urfolk vil trolig bli hardest rammet av koronapandemien | Svenn-Erik Mamelund ( and a recently published journal article in the prestigious journal Population Studies by Mamelund and co-head of PANSOC, Jessica Dimka (New paper out: Pandemics are not great equalizers – Centre for Research on Pandemics & Society (PANSOC) (

Our research is cited in chapter 10, page 409. You can read the whole report here. NOU 2022: 5 (

From 15th of August 2022 to 30th of June 2023, Centre leader Mamelund will lead an interdisciplinary and international research group at Centre for Advance study (CAS). The title of the research project is Social Science Meets Biology: Indigenous People and Severe Influenza Outcomes – CAS

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