Meet Our New Master’s Student!

Amal Hassan is a master student studying International Social Welfare and Health Policy at OsloMet. Having obtained a bachelor’s degree in Pedagogical Childcare, her passion for improving the lives of children has been deeply ingrained in her. It was during her academic journey that she realized the significance of research in shaping policies and interventions to positively impact the lives of vulnerable individuals. This realization led her to pursue a master’s degree in international social Welfare and Health Policy, where she strives to develop a comprehensive understanding of both internal and global welfare systems and their impact. This academic pursuit has given her a broader understanding of social policies and interventions that can positively influence the lives of disadvantaged individuals and communities.

Her previous role at the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration, where she worked closely with adolescents aged 14-24, further honed her skills in advocating for and supporting young individuals in finding summer jobs and part-time employment. This experience not only exposed her to the challenges they face during their transition into adulthood but also instilled in her a deep sense of responsibility to contribute to evidence-based practices that can improve their long-term outcomes.

Her master’s thesis delves into the intricate web of socio-economic factors and their impact on the utilization of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs) during the COVID-19 pandemic. Acknowledging the widespread consequences of the pandemic on various aspects of life, including social, economic, and health realms, she focuses on the effectiveness and compliance of NPIs such as social distancing, face masks, and hand hygiene, which have proven to be crucial in curbing the virus’s spread.

Guided by advisor S-E Mamelund and the expertise of the members of Centre for Research on Pandemics & Society (PANSOC), the research investigation aims to uncover the intricate relationship between socio-economic factors and the adoption of NPIs as a strategy against the pandemic.

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