Announcing the Fall 2023 PANSOC Seminar Series

We are pleased to release the schedule for our Fall 2023 seminar series. As in previous series, the seminar will be held via Zoom at 16.00 Central European Time on Thursdays.

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24 August
Urban Planning as a Means of Pandemic Prevention – A Look into the RECIPE Project
Eevi Juuti, University of Oulu

7 September – PANSOC MSCA Candidates
Navigating Bias: The Formation of Environmental Collective Perception and Prejudice during San Francisco Plague, 1900
Daijun Liu, Tsinghua University
Title TBA
Maria Dunbar, Oslo Metropolitan University

14 September
On the Move: Fine-Tuning Plague Dispersal in the North Caucasus and Altai-Sayan during Early Bronze Age Human Migrations (3300–2500 BCE)
Rebecca Main, University of Stirling

21 September
The Political Effects of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic in Weimar Germany
Erik Hornung, University of Cologne

12 October
The Cholera Pandemic of 1903–05 and the Influenza Pandemic of 1918 in the Philippines
Francis A. Gealogo, Ateneo de Manila University

19 October
The Grenfell Mission and the 1918 influenza pandemic in Labrador
Uddhav Khakurel, Oslo Metropolitan University

2 November
Geographical inequalities in health during the COVID-19 pandemic in England
Natalie Bennett, Newcastle University
**For our attendees outside of Europe, please note that Central European Summer Time ends on 29 October**

9 November
Age Patterns of Mortality During the Influenza Pandemics of the 20th Century
Lauren Steele, University of Queensland

30 November
Simulating COVID-19’s impact on mental health: An agent-based modelling approach
Kristina Thompson, Wageningen University

The COVID-19 lockdown one year later: Pandemics and borders

Our Centre leader, Svenn-Erik Mamelund is chairing a plenary at the Winter Seminar in Human Geography Friday 12 March 1300-1400 (CET).

For the ZOOM-link to this webinar e-mail or register here: Winter Seminar in Human Geography 2021 – Session registration – Nettskjema

This panel brings together two historians and two geographers to discuss the role of borders in historical and present pandemics. The speakers will present for 7-10 minutes before the panel opens for questions from the chair, the audience and speakers.


1. Ulrikke Bryn Wethal (University of Oslo) discusses how social practices compete, interact and are negotiated in the ‘home-as-office’ during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. May-Brith Ohman Nielsen (University of Agder) thematizes microbes, borders and historians, and points out how the relationship between epidemics and borders has been characterized by a two-sided dynamic within the history of science and medical history.

3. Ole Georg Moseng (University of South-Eastern Norway) will problematize connections between pandemics and borders through globalization, expert advice, pandemic control without vaccines, and global inequality in health.

4. Marta Bivand Erdal (Peace Research Institute Oslo) will address issues and concerns related with seasonal labor migration and the spread of COVID-19.

We present at a webinar on COVID-19 held by University of Ottawa 16 February 2021

Our Centre leader, Svenn-Erik Mamelund, is presenting at the fourt of a series of 6 conferences on infectious disease outbreaks and the role of the social sciences in surveillance, prevention, and intervention strategies.  

Infectious Diseases Conference 4: In what ways did the past infectious disease outbreak response impact the current COVID response: Lessons Learned?

February 16, 2021 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM EST

You can register and get the web-link by sending an e-mail to: