We have experience with many numerical modelling applications, including.:

  • BIM applications including Revit (incl. Dynamo and C# scripting) with MagiCAD, Solibri, SketchUp

  • Building physics: WUFI (pro, bio), Therm, U-calc, Window (LBL), Heat3

  • Computational fluid dynamics: Star CCM+. We have also been granted HPC (High Performance Computing) resourses on the National e-infrastructure service SIGMA2

  • Generic system numerical modelling tools: EES, Matlab Simulink.

  • Daylighting: DaySim, Radiance (Integrated in IDA-ICE), VELUX Daylight Visualizer, and own codes

  • Renewable energy: PVsyst, RETscreen, and models integrated in IDA-ICE

  • Advanced building energy modelling: IDA-ICE, EnergyPlus

  • Optimization with GenOpt (single-objective optimization) or MOBO (Multi-Objective Optimization), and own code (EpXL).

  • Life-Cycle Analysis: One-Click LCA, SimaPro, EcoInvent database

  • Life-Cycle Costing: Norsk Prisbok database

  • Development and and application of low-order models for building energy modelling (e.g. SIMIEN Pro, SIMIEN 7, TEK-sjekk), and whole neighbourhoods (ZENsim)

  • Machine learning / symbolic regression: Eureqa, TuringBot, TensorFlow

  • Statistics: R, SPSS, Stata