• Climate laboratory (Room PH856):

    Climate chamber: 16 m² indoor climate chamber adjacent to a chilled outdoor climate chamber. We have used these to test passive cooling systems (phase change, thermal mass), construction U-value measurements, measuring glazing condensation risk, data-driven controls development, etc.

    Wind tunnel: TSI 8390, for anemometer calibration.

    Binder KMF 720 climate chamber: Controlled air temperature, humidity, and air movement/velocity

  • Fluid mechanics & thermodynamics laboratory (Room PH861):

    Emission exposure chamber: with activated carbon filter ventilation/recirculation.

    Hilton A660 Air Conditioning Laboratory Unit: with mixing of fresh/recisculation air flow, humification/dehumidification, chiller, and electric heaters, full-spec instrumentation and logging

  • Microbiology laboratory (Room PH851):

    Laboratory used to characterize mold spores in air quality samples, moisture-damage and fungus infections in buildings and materials. Equipment includes:

    Air-sampling equipment: SAS Super ISO f 180, Microflow α

    – Sample storage (fridge and freezer), and Agar-plate production equipment, and incubation equipment (Termaks).

    Fume hood: Holten

    Microscopes: Olympos CX31, Microscope BX45, Stereomicroscope SZ2, with digital camera.

  • HVAC & automation laboratory (Room PH905):

    Full scale air-handling-unit with DDC-controller, variable-speed fans, and pressure transducers

    Hydronic heating system with four radiators configurable for single-pipe and two-pipe flow, two plate
    heat exchangers, full instrumentation for flow rates, pressures and temperatures.

    Swegon SuperWise demand-controlled ventilation rig with a mixture of active air terminals, DDC with cloud-based supervisory control

  • We also share access to the mechanical workshops and Makerspace at the faculty.