Field and laboratory instrumentation

The research group has a strong tradition for, and understands the importance of, measuring and gathering empirical data, both in the field and laboratory.

  • Airborne pollutants: Particle/aerosol counters (Lasair, P-trak, AeroTrak, DustTrak, LAS-X, also experimental Aurduino-controlled counters), gas monitors (TVOC, NOx, CO, CO2 , Sarad RTM & Canary radon meters, Lumasense 12-channel photoacoustic multigas/tracer gas monitor), BM Dustdetector for surfaces, Contact plate aspirators (SAS Super, Aquaria Microflow). Also Collaboration With NILU and UiO for more advanced GC/MS analyses.

  • Biometrics/personal exposure: SidePak Personal Aerosol Monitor, Niox Mino Airway Inflammation Monitor, Shimmer GSR sweat & activity loggers, 24-thermocouple suit.

  • Microbiological: CFU counters.

  • Multipurpose loggers: INTAB PC-loggers, Arduino-microcontrollers for special monitoring studies, GPS-logging

  • Thermal: Hukseflux TRSYS01 dual heat flux meter system, Innova and Swema units for measuring PMV-parameters, globe, MRT and radiation asymmetry, thermocouples and dedicated surface temperature sensors, thermography cameras and IR spot thermometers (ExTec, Thermopoint, Elma).

  • Temperature & humidity: Digitron RH/temp logger, Brüel & Kjær chilled-mirror hygrometer, Almemo psychrometer, and numerous TinyTag combined temp/RH loggers

  • Acoustics: Handheld sound level meters (Brüel & Kjær, Cirrus, Elma)

  • Actinic: Lux meter, REFO 3-angle reflectometer.

  • Airflow: Anemometers (Swema bidirectional or omnidirectional hot wire with loggers), and balometers (VelociCalc, Accubalance, Kimo, Alnor), Prandtl tubes, in-duct flow-cross, Minessota blower door, Flow visualization (Smoke generation).

  • Fluid flow: Greyline Portaflowm ultrasonic, Tour Anderson cumpeterized balancing instrument

  • Digital manometers: DPM, Swema 3000

  • Electrical power: 3-phase net analyzers (Chauvin Arnoux, Fluke and Hoiki), handheld single-phase meters, and plug-in end-use energy loggers.