Research facilities

Laboratory facilities

  • Climate chamber: 16 m² indoor climate chamber adjacent to a chilled outdoor climate chamber. We have used these to test passive cooling systems (phase change, thermal mass), construction U-value measurements, measuring glazing condensation risk, data-driven controls development, etc.
  • Emission exposure chamber with activated carbon filter ventilation/recirculation.
  • Microbiology laboratory including incubation equipment, microscopes and fume hoods.
  • Building services laboratory fitted with an experimentation/teaching air-handling-unit and hydronic heating system.
  • Wind tunnel: TSI 8390, for anemometer calibration
  • Air-Conditioning Laboratory Unit: Hilton A660
  • We also share access to the mechanical workshops and Makerspace at the faculty.

Field instrumentation

We have a strong conviction focus on empirical work

  • Airborne pollutants: Particle/aerosol counters (Lasair, P-trak, AeroTrak, DustTrak, LAS-X, also experimental Aurduino-controlled counters), gas monitors (TVOC, NOx, CO, CO2 , Sarad RTM & Canary radon meters, Lumasense 12-channel photoacoustic multigas/tracer gas monitor), BM Dustdetector for surfaces, Contact plate aspirators (SAS Super, Aquaria Microflow). Also Collaboration With NILU and UiO for more advanced GC/MS analyses.
  • Biometrics/personal exposure: SidePak Personal Aerosol Monitor, Niox Mino Airway Inflammation Monitor, Shimmer GSR sweat & activity loggers, 24-thermocouple suit.
  • Microbiological: CFU counters.
  • Multipurpose loggers: INTAB PC-loggers, Arduino-microcontrollers for special monitoring studies, GPS-logging
  • Thermal: Hukseflux TRSYS01 dual heat flux meter system, Innova and Swema units for measuring PMV-parameters, globe, MRT and radiation asymmetry, thermocouples and dedicated surface temperature sensors, thermography cameras and IR spot thermometers (ExTec, Thermopoint, Elma).
  • Temperature & humidity: Digitron RH/temp logger, Brüel & Kjær chilled-mirror hygrometer, Almemo psychrometer, and numerous TinyTag combined temp/RH loggers
  • Acoustics: Handheld sound level meters (Brüel & Kjær, Cirrus, Elma)
  • Actinic: Lux meter, REFO 3-angle reflectometer.
  • Airflow: Anemometers (Swema bidirectional or omnidirectional hot wire with loggers), and balometers (VelociCalc, Accubalance, Kimo, Alnor), Prandtl tubes, in-duct flow-cross, Minessota blower door, Flow visualization (Smoke generation).
  • Fluid flow: Greyline Portaflowm ultrasonic, Tour Anderson cumpeterized balancing instrument
  • Digital manometers: DPM, Swema 3000
  • Electrical power: 3-phase net analyzers (Chauvin Arnoux, Fluke and Hoiki), handheld single-phase meters, and plug-in end-use energy loggers.

Computing facilities

We have experience with many numerical modelling applications, including.:

  • Building physics: WUFI (pro, bio), Therm, U-calc, Window (LBL), Heat3
  • Computational fluid dynamics: Star CCM+.
  • Generic system numerical modelling tools: EES, Matlab Simulink.
  • Daylighting: DaySim, Radiance (Integrated in IDA-ICE), VELUX Daylight Visualizer, and own codes
  • Renewable energy: PVsyst, RETscreen, and models integrated in…
  • Advanced building energy modelling: IDA-ICE, EnergyPlus
  • Optimization with GenOpt (single-objective optimization) or MOBO (Multi-Objective Optimization), and own code (EpXL).
  • Life-Cycle Analysis: One-Click LCA, SimaPro
  • Development and and application of low-order models for building energy modelling (e.g. SIMIEN, TEK-sjekk), and whole neighbourhoods (ZENsim)
  • BIM applications including Revit (incl. Dynamo scripting) with MagiCAD, Solibri, SketchUp
  • Machine learning / symbolic regression: Eureqa, TuringBot, TensorFlow
  • Statistics: R, SPSS, Stata