The team

Full-time team members

Foto Ann Karina B. Lassen
Assistant Professor with expertise in Architecture integrated building technology, Bioclimatic design, Climate responsive designArchitecture, Energy and environmental engineering, Building Technology and Sustainability.
Foto Arnab Chaudhuri
Associate Professor with expertise in Compiutational fluid dynamics, Heat and mass transport, Thermodynamics and Mathematical modelling.
Foto Bente Hellum
Assistant Professor with expertise in chemistry, fundamental physics, microbiology, indoor climate engineering, indoor environment, energy use in buildings, and architectural engineering.
Foto Chauro Lu
Associate Professor with expertise in Smart transport, Traffic modelling, Data Science, Data mining with WEKA (Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis), ArcGIS and programming.
Foto Dimitrios Kraniotis
Associate Professor with expertise in Architecture and building technology, Building materials, Life Cycle Assessment, Building physics (incl. moisture transport and air leakage), Timber structures, Heat and Mass transfer, Indoor climate, and Energy use in buildings.
Foto Ernst Erik Hempel
Staff Engineer with expertise in building services engineering (HVAC, sanitation etc.), energy use in buildings, BIM, and laboratory management.
Foto Habtamu Bayera Madessa
Associate professor with expettise in Building physics, Smart buildings and Building controls engineering, Renewable energy production, Decarbonizing the built environment, and Numerical modelling and optimization (e.g. IDA-ICE, Simulink, EES).
Foto James Kallaos
Postdoctoral Fellow with expertise in, located at SINTEF Community, with expertise in Life Cycle Analysis, Green buildings, Environmental policy, Climate change, Sustainabile architecture, and Renewable energy.
Foto Mehrdad Rabani
PhD Fellow with expertise in CFD, Building energy performance simulations, Building physics, Optimization and simulation, HVAC system design, Indoor climate, Daylight assessment. LCA and LCC-analysis, and Building physics.
Foto Moon Keun Kim
Professor, from January 2021, with expertise in nZEB architectural engineering, Building services engineering, Building acoustics, Low-exergy systems, HVAC & indoor climate, and CO2-capture chemistry.
Foto Nils Ledermann
Staff Engineer with expertise in contruction, indoor environmental engineering, HVAC, IAQ, and laboratory management.
Foto Peter G. Schild (group coordinator)
Professor with expertise in Architectural engineering, Building services engineering incl. HVAC, sanitation and acoustics. Building physics, Thermodymamics, Heat and mass transfer, CFD, Numerical methods & optimization, statistics, programming & web-services
Foto Petros Choidis
PhD Fellow working on project HYPERION, specializing in hygrothermal performance of timber structures, climate change and adaptation of buildings.
Foto Rebecca Allen
Associate Professor, with expertise in fluid and mass transport, numerical modelling, environmental & earth sciences, subterranean CO2 storage and GCHP borehole models.


Associate members*

Foto Colin Charnock
Professor with expertise in microbiology (biofilms, human microbiome, antibiotic resistance, gene sequencing, etc.).
Foto Ida H. Bryn
Adjunct Professor with expertise in integrated energy design, architectural engineering, building physics, building services engineering in indoor climate and daylighting, etc.
Foto Mads Mysen
Adjunct Professor with expertise in HVAC, incl. ventilation technology and building automation, commissioning, indoor climate, architectural engineering, building physics.

(* part time staff or collaborators at other faculties)