Ongoing projects


Ongoing externally-financed projects

  • Healthy Energy-Efficient Urban Home Ventilation – To improve knowledge and recommendations for more robust, healthy, and sustainable ventilation solutions for homes in an urban environment. We will examine exposure to health-related contaminants and their dynamics, humidity and building physics. The project will be carried out using statistical field studies, laboratory experiments, full-scale experiments, numerical modeling, and expert workshops.

  • ‘Green HVAC’ – Holistic carbon-footprinting of building services [‘Grønn VVS’ – Helhetlig vurdering av miljøpåvirkning fra VVS-installasjoner i bygg] – Life-cycle analysis has so far focused on basic building materials such as wood, steel and concrete, while little is yet known about how to carbon-footprint complex HVAC systems. This project aims to achieve a 50% reduction in the life-cycle CO2-emissions related to HVAC systems for 2-4 case-study buildings compared to comparative existing buildings.

  • Adaptive and Efficient Solutions for Multiphysics in Indoor and Built Environment (NN8005K): The focus of this project is to resolve multiphysics in indoor and built environment  via High Performance Computing (HPC) using massively parallel computational tools.

Ongoing faculty-funded research

  • Model-predictive control of HVAC – PhD-project on control algorithms for climatization of data-driven smart buildings. Application of low-order building energy models and machine learning, for model predicitve control to achieve improved energy-efficiency and indoor climate.

Earlier (completed) externally-financed projects

  • SvalVent – Cool and comfortable demand-controlled ventilation, with individual control, for low-energy cooling of office buildings

  • BestVent – Best demand-controlled Ventilation strategies to maximize air quality in occupied spaces and minimize energy use in empty spaces. Postdoctoral position and master-thesis in collaboration with SINTEF Community

  • reDuCeVentilation – Reduced energy use in Educational buildings with robust Demand Controlled Ventilation

  • EEsettlement – Embodied Energy, Costs and Traffic in Different Settlement Patterns. Postdoctoral position via SINTEF Community

  • KL-Tre SMART – Evaluation of the thermal properties of cross-laminated timber (CLT). OsloMet laboratory will be used for measurements.

  • Explicit High-Fidelity numerical methods for compressible flows – A Research Council funded High Performance Computing (HPC) project.

Earlier (completed) events

  • BuildSim Nordic 2020 – OsloMet was host of this international conference on building performance simulation, co-organized with IBPSA (International Building Performance Simulation Association)

  • Healthy Buildings 2021 – Europe – OsloMet was host of this international conference co-organized with ISIAQ (International Society for Indoor Air Quality)