Jørn Holm-Hansen

Senior researcher, PhD political science

Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research, Oslo Metropolitan University

E-mail: jornhh@oslomet.no

Phone: +47 932 66 043


Dr. Jørn Holm-Hansen is a political scientist and senior researcher/research professor. His main academic field of work is politics and public administration in East and Central European states, notably Russia, Ukraine and Poland. Holm-Hansen is also conducting applied research, mainly evaluations of development aid and democracy support.


Democracy support, civic versus ethnic models of statehood, Ukrainian-Polish relations, memory politics, welfare reforms.




  • Kropp, Sabine and Holm-Hansen, Jørn. “Why No Federalism? The Challenges of Institutionalizing a Multilevel Order in Ukraine”, in: Keil, Soeren and Kropp, Sabine (eds) (2022): Emerging Federal Structures in the Post-Cold War Era. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, 95-114.
  • Lytovchenko, Artëm, Dmitriy Boiko, Daria Yashkina and Jørn Holm-Hansen. “The Discourse of Moderation and Cohesion as an Effective Electoral Tool: Sluha Narodu in Ukraine’s 2019 Parliamentary Campaign”, In: Aasland, Aadne and Sabine Kropp (eds) (2021), The Accommodation of Regional and Ethno-cultural Diversity in Ukraine, Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, 111-141
  • Holm-Hansen, Jørn and Maryna Rabinovych. Democracy promotion through schools in Ukraine – Mid-term evaluation, NIBR Report 2021:3.